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Devour Katy Perry's 'Bon Appétit'
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Katy Perry has served up an unabashed look at literally being served up as meat on a platter and objectified in the Dent De Cuir directed video for ‘Bon Appétit’. While the video is sweet and savory it doesn’t cut deeper into the cannibalism of it all.

Take a bite and share your thoughts below.

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  • Taylor Kirk

    I use to love Katy Perry so much! But I’m not sure anymore. She is giving so many mixed signals anymore. One minute shes all about girl power and the next shes meat on a platter.

  • Diana

    That was the creepiest video I have watched by far. It seems like music videos these days never have to do with the song…

  • Miss VeraJeanae

    I like the beat. I cant get with the lyrics or the versus, or this video. I too used to love Ksty, but after Dark Horses I just havent been feeling it.