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Lady Gaga is Strung Out on 'John Wayne'
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Lady Gaga teams up again with director Jonas Åkerlund, who previously collaborated with her on the Paparazzi & Telephone videos. The video picks up right where her previous single ‘Million Reasons’ leaves off, and has Gaga shooting bullets out of her heels, chasing down cowboys on a motorcycle, and some intense choreography. Check out Gaga on her Joanne World Tour.


Check out her performance of A-YO and John Wayne at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show:

  • Marlene

    I freakin love lady gaga!!

  • Melanie Edjourian

    I do love Lady Gaga she likes to do everything in her own unique way and she has a great voice.

  • The thing I love about gaga is her music videos. She always seems to have something to make you actually sit down and watch the whole thing.

  • I usually listen to a different genre, but I do appreciate Lady Gaga’s talent and her powerful voice. She definitely has a gift when it comes to writing and composing songs as well.

  • Marceline Dementori

    Lady Gaga has always been amazing! I really love watching her videos because they’re always entertaining and enjoyable.