In Maggie Rogers‘ debut video she shakes her timid demeanor we saw in the video where she caught the attention of Pharrell at his Masterclass with students at NYU Clive Davis Institute. Alaska emulates Maggie’s regular morning walk, but takes it to a more fantastical vision while playing between the reality and fantasy of what it means to make a pop video.

“Suddenly this thing that had been the most unnatural, the most artificial, I understood the release of it, and the sort of, since there was a fire, people were beating sticks together. And suddenly it became the most natural thing, so I just started making music again a couple months ago, and I like, can’t make enough, and all I want to do is combine that folk imagery and harmony and natural samples that I’ve been picking up while hiking over the last couple of years with this sort of backbone and energy of dance music. A good chunk of the rhythm in the song started from me just patting a rhythm on my jeans.”

‘Alaska’ is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Maggie Rogers Invites You To 'Alaska'
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