Ireland’s Hare Squead featuring Tony Konstone, E-Knock, Jessy Rose is making waves with their single ‘If I Ask.’ Check out the lyrics below


Never thought I would have Made it through this mess but I know I, could have stepped on the path on the wrong side,
my shoe lace could have tripped me from this dope ride, so I, take a trip, that’s an old line, old lines get washed on these boat rides,
with a hunna rich folks, better go find where I stand cause I’m sitting on em like they ghost ride, oh my, my minds got no time, to be sitting at home eating punch lines,
punching weights and getting waved above my limit, finna kill it, be the victim of the realist, in this real shit, let a brother spit

If I ask You to show me the light, would you deny? Deny?
If I asked you to show me the life would you Deny?
Oh, don’t want to waste my time, but I can’t help it tonight.
When the stars align, you’ll know we’re not wasting time, wasting time, I doubt that you would.

I found a pattern, pardon me I pulled apart a part of me I picked a paragraph and power points I’m paranoid.
Apparently I’m popping and I’m pounding these hip hoppers. Ain’t prepared cuz I’m the pooh pooh x2 Spitting cuckoo cuckoo and he’s from Dublin, what?
Who knew who knew Got the town bubbling.nah..too soon Bet you thought that E-Knock would not rap like this Beat drops and you clap like this Never heard a Hot track like this Iwas fly since I was in my cocoon cocoon

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