In Miguel‘s latest video, he enters a dark and trippy nightclub through a refrigerator in a back room, get’s a little turned up, and starts performing his single ‘Waves’ off his album Wildheart. On the album, he says,

“When you know who you are and what you stand for, then you’re no longer trying to measure up your decisions with the way they’re perceived by the outside world. Other people may think you’re wild, or unconventional, or foolish, but to you it doesn’t matter, because your belief is deeper. It’s rooted. When you’re wild-hearted, you have to lose sight of yourself at times. And as rewarding as that may be, it can be misunderstood, and your path might take you in a direction where maybe other people can’t go with you. But I just don’t care to do something that doesn’t resonate with who I really am.”