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While discussing her new album and single, Demi says she’s shedding her good girl image, and embracing her edgier provocative side. Take a look as Demi gets cool and rides around in a convertible with her girlfriends, dances, and parties, all while flaunting her confidant sexiness. ‘Cool For the Summer’ is available on iTunes.

“I did this song with Max Martin and his team. Everyone over there is incredible. The trickiest part of this song was trying not making it too rock, so it could still go mainstream, but not make it too pop where it’s no longer rock anymore.”

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  • Joanna Carr

    Mmhmm. I know someone who wants to get cool for the summer. Thanks for changing lives, Demi!

  • I am actually a big fan of Demi Lovato and am a firm believer that she is seriously underrated. She makes great music and has an incredible voice! x