Look Into Róisín Murphy's 'Evil Eyes'
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Róisín Murphy, is currently on tour promoting her new album “Hairless Toys“. But she is keeping busy and has just released the second video off the album. Róisín self directed the video for ‘Evil Eyes‘, in which she plays the character of a suburban housewife trapped in a mundane life, that is slowly losing her mind.

“Evil Eyes is really about incantations. Its about wishing for things to come real. It’s very much musically a landscape as well. It’s very funky in places. It’s a real story musically. Lyrically its about wishing, and wishing, and wishing, and wishing, until something comes true.”

“This character I have created goes mad. Nothing about the visual aesthetic is ‘rock’n’roll’, and yet there is plenty of rebellion going on. I find it interesting to create videos that don’t try to look like pop videos at all. Hopefully, this will be a mysterious and disorientating experience for the viewer.”

“What do you expect? Nice singing and dancing? Normal? Me?”

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