Róisín Murphy Questions 'Exploitation'
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Róisín Murphy‘s new album ‘Hairless Toys‘ is her first album in 8 years. The album features eight new tracks, including the single ‘Exploitation‘. On the video Róisín says,

” The concept is like a perpetual advertising. Just on and on and on it goes. A sense of being exploited that way, because of obviously the lyrics is exploitation. A perpetual play, in which a relationship is being played out in a slightly manipulative fashion.”

“I’ve done the styling myself. It’s mainly vintage items. I’m trying to get something that is non-identifiable as fashion. The whole feeling of my album is a department store in the 70s. It’s almost like Róisín Murphy has done a line of slightly ugly nylon. It’s pretty and sheik in stock store prices. “

In support of the album’s release, Róisín will be going on tour.

“I feel like I’m at another beginning, kinda scary and exhilarating. I’ve 7 years of experience to explore and utilize in these performances and it’ll be intense but because I’ll be surrounded by amazing musicians and of course you I’m sure it’ll be just fine.

I’ll be doing old songs and new, after 7 albums, an Italian language ep and several collaborations over the years I’ve got plenty to choose from. We are gonna give it our all and play it straight from the heart. “

Watch the making of the ‘Exploitation‘ video below.

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