Everyone is out for revenge in the latest offering from Taylor Swift‘s multi-platinum album 1989. In the video, Taylor is betrayed and thrown out of a window by a supposed friend. She then goes into training with a crew that includes various superstars before marching into battle. Check out some of the cameos below

  • Taylor Swift as Catastrophe
  • Kendrick Lamar as Welvin Da Great
  • Selena Gomez as Arsyn
  • Cindy Crawford as Headmistress
  • Zendaya as Cut-Throat
  • Lena Dunham as Lucky Fiori
  • Jessica Alba as Domino
  • Ellie Goulding as Destructa X

The video premiered at the Billboard Music Awards where Taylor took home 8 awards. The was directed by Joseph Kahn, who also directed the music video for the second single off 1989, “Blank Space” and the Power Rangers short film. Swift is sending a strong message according to The Washington Post.

“Beneath the sleek action-movie video production values, Swift sends a rather chilling underlying message about power in Hollywood: In case you didn’t know it before, she truly has become of the most powerful women in show business. So you shouldn’t even bother to go up against her. Because you will lose.

Why else would she gather a collection of stars across all genres, all ages and all walks of life to come together as she sings a song about an enemy?”

The song is alleged to be about a feud with another pop star and former friend, Katy Perry.

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