This is the longest period Rihanna’s went without releasing music, between 2012’s Unapologetic and phoning in a vocal for 2014’s ‘Monster’ single with Eminem, her fans have waited anxiously awaiting the release date of a 2015 album. Quickly, and all at once, she re-entered ‘FourFiveSeconds‘ ago to omnipresence on radio and the internet. 
It’s an unlikely lead single by Rihanna, her usual dance production and ‘rude’ lyrics are traded in favor for a trifecta of folk, Paul McCartney on guitars, and Kanye West singing. The attention the song has received is likely mixed but nothing short of the fanfare surrounding it’s release. It was uploaded to iTunes, the singer tweeted about it, and radio played it… that was it! 

“FourFiveSeconds” exists in a stratosphere of it’s own by merit, authenticating Rihanna’s unpredictability and ever improving vocal style. In hindsight, the mellow and simplistic single vocalizes the very calm before the storm that will be Rihanna’s upcoming album. It’s only Tuesday and she’s about “four five seconds from wilding” and who knows when we may get the new album, we may even get it by Friday, or hell on GRAMMY Sunday. The single will be performed for the first time on February 8th.