In the reformed trio-version of Danity Kane, DK3, at the nucleus was past member Dawn Richard, also formerly of Diddy-Dirt Money. Both projects never blossomed past one album, with members of both groups labeling Dawn as someone who is, for lack of better words, hard to work with. Stepping out on her own in what appears to be her first concentrated effort is Blackheart which activates an eclectic selection of electro-infused bass and roaring drum instrumentals, reminding us that the singer/songwriter is still at it.

The first single ‘Blow‘ is explosive, with an eye catching visual featuring high-fashion pieces, intense choreography but also smoky enough to belabor its intentions. We’re reminded that Dawn does all her stunts– layered vocals, harmonies, and full splits included. Her art is clearly well-studied and she’s one of the few currently, who can merge audio and visuals successfully where her talent can tread past its capabilities. What she lacks, however, is the story — and that reads as someone who gets ‘it’ but doesn’t make ‘it’, like people shouldn’t have to guess what a song means. Remember Lady Gaga?

Have a look at the video, and it’s follow up “Tide” — it’s hard not to see her influences and aim to ask the questions: what more can Dawn do? and Is she moving this genre forward?

1) “Noir”
2) “Calypso”
3) “Blow”
4) “Billie Jean”
5) “Adderal / Sold”
6) “Swim Free”
7) “Titans”
8) “Warriors”
9) “Projection”
10) “Phoenix”
11) “Choices”
12) “The Deep”
13) “Blackheart”