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Seven years after her last solo album ‘Overpowered’, and a variety of underground dance tracks and collaborations, Róisín Murphy has delivered quite a curveball with her Mi Senti EP. A collection of six classic Italian pop songs – five of which are covers, one an original composition. All delivered in near perfect Italian, by the Irish singer songwriter (who, by her own admission, does not speak a word of Italian).

“Quite apart from the language, in some of the songs I was on the edge of what my voice can do. For the Mina ones in particular [‘Ancora Ancora Ancora’ and ‘Non Credere’] there were tears and I almost walked away and gave up. “I usually write the material I sing, but now, having recorded these songs, I realize I have rarely written a song that really pushes my voice. Often when a vocal is hard to do, the process of recording it strips you back and takes you to a deeper place. Is there a direct correlation between the level of physical and mental challenge involved and the purity of the performance? Sometimes. This was a struggle to sing. Of course I hope the struggle is not audible. A decent singer should be able to make it all sound easy. You’re a storyteller and like talking, singing should be felt as a simple means of communication not a athletic feat, even if, for the singer it was.”