The dance floor diva, Róisín Murphy, is still pumping out collaborations in lieu of that third solo album. Don’t fret, she assures Rory Hall that she has it in the bag and so much more:

“I have been incredibly productive as late. I’ve got a finished product, which is called Mi Senti, it’s an Italian language project where I’m singing Italian. That’ll come out in May. And I’m working on an album, Róisín Murphy album, which is going really well. I’ve got a single coming out on Eskimo Records soon, called ‘Leviathan,’ which is a collaboration with Freeform Five. I’m doing another House music EP. So, yes. I’ve been lazy for a long time. I have two children. But it’s all starting to converge at one time.”

She also revealed, when asked if Moloko will ever get back together, she responds optimistically, “never say never.”