“It’s all really been a lesson of making mistakes, learning to go with them, and embracing the unplanned. If it weren’t for the bad decisions I made – or the bad decisions other people in my life made, these songs wouldn’t exist, you wouldn’t be reading this, and I probably would still be sitting in the back of a classroom somewhere too scared to raise my hand. So, here’s to making bad decisions – and learning to live.”

Tell me a little bit about the recording process for this EP.
We’ve been working on Part 1 since April – Esteban Calderón did an amazing job with the production of this project. He’s a total perfectionist, which is really the best thing you can ask for in a producer. For every track, we started with the skeleton of the song – just piano and vocals, and I think we worked really well together in building up each track.

What kind of artists influence you?
I grew up listening to 90’s pop stars like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, N*Sync, so pop has always been at the top of my list. I also went through a phase when I was 8 years old when I carried around the Michael Jackson HIStory Album in my pink-princess portable CD player (because duh). Now I’m really into Sara Bareilles, Bruno Mars, and I love Lorde’s new record.

What was the best “bad decision” you’ve ever made?
I once tried to get out of the friend zone with one of my best friends… aaand you can guess how that ended! Honestly, it’s funny to think about now – because we’re still really good friends and it’s completely in the past, but it was probably one of the weirdest moments of my life. It’s like, you build it up in your head as being this epic reveal – and then you realize you’re life isn’t a movie, and then you go home, haha.

How has it been in the Boston music scene?
Boston is secretly a thriving place for music. It has some of the best performing arts schools in the country – with Berklee, the Boston Conservatory, New England Conservatory, etc. It’s not thought of as a “music city” like Nashville, Los Angeles, or NYC – but living here for the past 4 years has completely encompassed me with talented people, which is the best motivation there is. It’s a pretty inspiring place for musicians.

What is your most memorable experience writing or recording a song?
The song “You Walked Away” definitely stands out to me. It’s possibly the most personal song I’ve ever written – and I never really thought I was going to release it. In all honesty, it’s a hard song to sing – and I have yet to play it live anywhere. I eventually decided to put it on this project because I realized that if somebody else who’s going through a similar situation hears it, it might make them feel a little less alone. I think that would make it all worth it.

If you could collaborate with any 5 musicians or producers, dead or alive, who would they be?
Hmm that’s hard. I’ve always had a huge crush on Justin Timberlake, so there’s that. Michael Jackson – because of my 8 year old phase. Sara Bareilles because she’ll always be my girl. And I’d love to write with Claude Kelly (fellow Berklee alum) or work with Max Martin. Also Lorde’s writing is pretty badass, and I’m a wannabe-badass, so that works out.

Which artists inspire you these days? Musicians, Actors, Directors, Painters, whatever.
I could go sit in the impressionism wing for hours of any art museum. I’ve loved Monet and Degas since I was little – particularly the painting “View of Antibes from the Plateau of Notre Dame” by Claude Monet. I also love anything Jennifer Lawrence does, and I could kiss the ground that Meryl Streep walks on. I also follow ManRepeller on instagram and constantly wish I had her closet.

Three albums you wouldn’t be the same person without?
“Little Voice” – Sara Bareilles
“Indiana” – Jon McLaughlin
“HIStory: Past, Present, and Future” – Michael Jackson

Caitlin Timmins‘s debut EP Bad Decisions is now available.

Bad Decisions, Part 1 Tracklisting
1. Dry (Fresh Out of You)
2. Alcohol
3. Hard to Love
4. You Walked Away
5. Someone to Hold On To

You can name your own price or at grab it over at iTunes. Also, you can stream it in full on YouTube.