Have you play with enough fire? Do you still have your Dignity? Well, either way Hilary Diff is preparing to slam down some dance tracks, with love. Wether or not you think Hilary Duff is so yesterday, or not, she is coming.

While appearing for the ‘Powering Holiday Smiles’ charity for Duracell, which will donate money from battery purchases to the Children’s Miracle Network group of hospitals, #PowerSmiles, Hilary announced she is deep in production of her latest full length album. Movies? TV Shows? She’ll read your script, but she’s “focused on the album.” Hilary is just here for the music right now. She has already recored six “indie dance” songs and plans on recording more tracks soon. Watch the full interview below.

“It’s been five years! It’s really exciting! I finally feel like I’m in the place where I know the direction and I’m writing a lot and purging myself of everything that’s been inside for five years. It feels really good. The album is moving along. I’m so excited for people to hear it. I think by spring I should have a single. … I’m really focused on the album. The first six songs I’ve done have all been really dancey and kinda upbeat and happy. Now I’m getting into the more moody. I think it’s important to find that balance and show all your sides. It’s cool. It’s got kinda of an indie dance feel.”