In 2002, during a time when Tori was recording Scarlet’s Walk she sits down for an interview with Anne Powers. They discuss destiny, feminism, artistry, her creative process, sexism, botox, and touring and creating around the time of the tragic events of September 11th. You’ll have to excuse the horrible quality of this video.

In 2005, they will go on to write together a book about Tori’s creative process, Piece By Piece. Since she has released a few records, including American Doll Posse, a “political is personal” concept album using various characters Tori derived from Greek mythology, as well as Night of Hunters, a 21st century song cycle inspired by select classical pieces spanning the last 400 years. Tori’s last album was 2012’s retrospective re-imagining Gold Dust.

“I’d be quite happy, as an artist, if I knew that a verse, even a line in one of my songs could liberate people in some way, particularly from a fear of the darker side of their own nature. What is any art form worth if it doesn’t do that? Isn’t that what all great art is all about?”
– Tori Amos, Q, May 1998