Around the time of From the Choirgirl Hotel, Tori goes off on Richard Kingsmill. It is worth noting, as Richard points out, Tori had a rough 18 months prior to this interview. Just as equally it is important to note that Richard puts Tori on hold at the start of the interview. Skip to the 7:36 mark to hear where things start to head south. Would you want to sit down with a margarita with her after a conversation like this? She never looked so sane.



“There was a period in the late ’80s where I was working with different shaman. Myself and a friend, Beene, would take ayahuasca – but it wouldn’t be in the liquid form, it would be a freeze-dried pill – and mushrooms. Some of those trips were eighteen hours long and I’ll never forget, once I ended up sitting by the bush trying to ask the flowers why they didn’t like me. It’s like, Why can’t I be your friend? I was crawling out of my skin at that time. In my twenties I was really… I was just losing my mind.”
– Tori Amos, Q, May 1998

Then Tori and a few of her girlfriends went To Venus and Back, followed by a beautiful Scarlet’s Walk.