In the summer of 2010 Nikka Costa chose a path less taken. She had already been a major label artist, and left that world to further her art in the indie market. Virgin Records offered her up a deal to record a fun, funky, pop record – release it in Europe and see what happened. Prior to the release, she toured that summer in Europe opening for P!nk on her ‘Funhouse‘ stadium tour. Yes, stadium tour. Nikka was playing her new music to thousands upon thousands of people each night, the majority of which probably did not remember her from 9 years prior when ‘Like A Feather’ was a hit.

The lead single, ‘Ching Ching Ching’, from this upcoming album was released in Germany and charted at #77. Due to the commerical sales disappointment of the lead single, the album was delayed. A second single was released with out much promotion, and the album release was eventually scrapped. Nikka took her recordings back home to L.A. with her to figured out her next move. INXS had been crafting an idea to release a collection of their famous songs, but sung by other artists. Nikka participated in this project entitled ‘Original Sin‘, recording 2 songs for the final release in May of 2011. Nikka eventually released an abbreviated version of ‘PRO★WHOA!‘ (as an EP) in June of 2011. A Summer tour of the United States followed with Nikka serving as the opening act to INXS. All of this back story leads here: ‘Ching Ching Ching’ is the song you are currently hearing in the Energizer battery commercial in 2013. Oh, and apparently the song was also recently used in the MTV series “Teen Wolf’. Watch the official music video for the song below, released in Europe in the summer of 2010.