Rhino Records released a rather odd ‘Greatest Hits‘ collection for Jewel back in February of this year.  Odd being that some radio singles & well known soundtrack contributions were left off in favor of addition versions of past hits newly recorded as country duets.  I get it, and any fan of an artist will never be 100% happy with what is chosen as a representation of what is “Greatest”.  Jewel had quite a few remixed songs do well on the Billboard Dance charts in the early to mid 2000’s, the first being even before her forte into pop/dance music.  ‘Serve The Ego‘ became a #1 hit on the dance charts before ‘Intuition’ was heard on your radio.  ‘The Greatest Hits Remixed‘ includes her top charting remixes, 2 brand new remixes of older hits (along with newly recorded vocals on the ‘Foolish Games’ remix), and 4 mixes of the latest single, ‘Two Hearts Breaking’, that was a revisit to her classic style & newly recorded for the ‘Greatest Hits’ collection.  Listen below to Andi Durrant & Steve More Club Mix of ‘Two Hearts Breaking’.