Justin wants to ‘Take Back The Night’ in the first video from The 20/20 Experience Part 2. Through a series of videos on his Instagram account, the song & dance, ‘Suit & Tie‘ man released the tracklisting for Part 2 of 20/20 Experience: The Complete Experience.

I originally recorded a massive amount of material and decided on the 20 tracks that I wanted on the album over a year ago,” said Timberlake. “But, when I was mixing and going through all of the songs there were so many that I loved—I couldn’t resist… I had to throw in something extra on the second half.”

“The 20/20 Experience Part 2” Tracklisting

1. “Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)”
2. “True Blood”
3. “Cabaret” (featuring Drake)
4. “T.K.O.”
5. “Take Back the Night”
6. “Murder” (featuring Jay Z)
7. “Drink You Away”
8. “You Got It On”
9. “Amnesia”
10. “Only When I Walk Away”
11. “Not a Bad Thing”

Source: RAPUP