Thanks to a more than successful PledgeMusic campaign, Marnie of Ladytron, has released her first solo music video, which precedes her debut solo album Crystal World, due out in a few days.

“After 5 studio albums with Ladytron and some time on my hands between work with them, I finally decided now was the time to make an album I’ve always wanted to make. A solo album. … It is everything around me, my loves, my life, hopes and loss. I wanted to create an electronic album with more of a pop element and pristine vocals. Lyrically, the album is expansive, but the Elements do play a part in much of the record, with the sea being particularly dominant and reoccurring. So, with the sea in mind and beautiful landscapes, I decided to fly to Iceland to record in a studio there. The light is so pretty, the air fresh, the sea vast, that I thought it would be the perfect setting to record.”