Download: JoJo, "Agápē" Mixtape
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While JoJo waits for her record label troubles to subside to unleash a proper third album, she has released her second mixtape. The material included was specifically recorded for this project. JoJo has not released an album since 2006’s The High Road, and her last mixtape was 2010’s Can’t Take That Away from Me.

Her label, Blackgroud Records, has yet to officially release her latest single ‘Demonstrate.’ Rather than keep her fans waiting, she has dropped Agápē. Curious to the reasons behind her record label issues? Listen to the intro. The mixtape is available for download here.

“Agápē” Tracklisting
1. Back2thebeginningagain
2. We Get By
3. Interlude Un
4. Take the Canyon
5. Billions
6. Interlude Deux: Joel’s Jam
7. Thinking Out Loud
8. Interlude Trois: Love this Sh*t
9. White Girl in Paris
10. LTS Reprise
11. André
12. St. Patrick’s Day Interlude
13. Can’t Handle the Truth