Oops, oh my! Tweet has been releasing free downloads for a month now for #TweetTuesdays. To get your paws on all of them head over to SoundCloud. Check out my favorite, the ambient & beatless ‘C 4EVA.’

“My main goal is to put out good, timeless music,” she says. “I’ve always been an open book with my albums hoping to help someone along the way. Anything I’ve experienced in my life I haven’t been afraid to write about it. In my time away, I was able to heal from situations that prevented me from living happily, so I want to inspire people with my music and life. I want to bring hope to those that may be going through or have gone through the same things/situation. I want to be a real example of what walking by faith and being restored and renewed looks like.

Did you miss her 2009 single ‘Love Again‘? When will her third album be released? This year! The new album, once dubbed Love, Tweet, is now entitled Simply Tweet. From her new DuBose Music Group bio, “Each track will remind us of why we first fell in love with her and why she is and will always be, Simply Tweet.”