In a recent backstage interview Vanessa revealed plans to record a “dance-pop” album, which she explained is a natural progression from her last album, 2011’s Rabbits On The Run.

“We’re going to do something sort of like a, it’s really an electronic dance-pop record,” Carlton said.

“It’s going to be different. I think it’s oddly a natural progression from ‘Rabbits.’ I don’t really know how I can explain that in a way that makes sense, but once I think we start making the tracks, it will make sense. I’m really, really excited.”

She said inspiration for her upcoming album comes both from listening to her college-aged brother’s trippy, euphoric music and reading classical mythology.

“I’m very inspired by Shamanism and right now, I’m kind of revisiting a lot of old mythological tales and kind of psychedelic poetry,” Carlton said.

“I’m an ongoing, working, evolving person, you know? Because we all are,” she said. “I think my biggest triumph, I guess, was the fundamental shift I had a couple years ago where I just kind of devoted myself to being as authentic and generous and happy as I possibly could be, and just really appreciating the wonderful people and creatures in my life.

“Life’s pretty short. I think once you have a shift like that in your attitude, I think that affects your work, your writing, everything.”

Source: The Observer.