With four tracks on her mind, Taryn Manning blames the music. With two albums and several films under her belt, she is an accomplished singer and actress. She is the lead vocalist in electronic duo Boomkat, alongside her brother. She is also known for her roles in 8 Mile, White Oleander, A Lot Like Love, and Hustle & Flow.

She will soon be releasing two EPs, an album, and a new single, ‘Send Me The Love.’ She recently took time out of her filming schedule to sit down for an interview with me. Check out EchoDust’s exclusive interview with Taryn Manning below.

You recently released ‘Blast Off,’ which is my favorite single so far, can you tell me about how that song & video came about?
Blast Off‘ wasn’t really a single. I am still testing and playing with the sound of this song. I feel like its got a more smooth 80s vibe and I really like where it went. It is very different from any of my other songs on my EP. The video was a spontaneous adventure where our friends were hanging out one night in the studio, anfree had the camera and just decided to have some fun with it!

You said in an interview with Electrocutie Music Blog that you’re going to release the songs you recorded one at a time. Will all of these singles be included on an eventual album, or are you kind of seeing how the reaction is to each one?
Yes, I like to see the reaction and like to see what people are gravitating towards, hence dropping ‘Turn It Up!‘ and then ‘Blast Off‘ which are two completely different tracks! I plan on releasing a two-part EP that will turn into a full album down the road with bonus tracks that will be exclusive.

I’m sure all your songs are special to you, but any of them you find get stuck in your head more than others? Or any you’re particularly proud of?
I am extremely proud of ‘Send Me The Love’ because the message really resonates with me and I think people will respond really well to it. It should be dropping soon so keep an eye out for it!

What is your most memorable experience writing or recording a song?
The very first song I ever wrote was ‘Wastin’ My Time‘, and the next thing I knew it was picked up by Eminem and on the 8 Mile soundtrack.

Considering you’re pretty active in both movies & music, is a full out musical something that would interest you?
Absolutely. Sign me up!

Are you and your brother still working together on anything? What prompted you to go solo?
Yes, Kellin and I are definitely slowly working on a new Boomkat EP. I am a very independant person and my brother and I work at different paces. Going solo gave me the chance to work with different producers and writers besides my brother. I wanted to experience collaborating with a family of artists because when Kellin and I do an album it is him and I alone and that’s how we like it.

When you DJ, what are some tracks you know will be crowd pleasers? And what have you learned to steer away from?
If it’s Vegas it’s top 40, if it’s a rooftop in LA it’s my indie gems, if it’s Coachella I play my own stuff! It really is always changing based on my mood and my crowd. I try and steer away from top 40 cause I like to bring something different to the table, but you can rarely get away with that!

If you could collaborate with any 5 musicians or producers, dead or alive, who would they be?
Kurt Cobain, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beatles, Elvis Presley.

Which artists inspire you these days? Musicians, Actors, Directors, Painters, whatever.
I get inspired every time I walk out my door. It comes from nature, from bits of people I come across, from things I see and hear. I wouldn’t say I take inspiration from one specific person but from a kaleidoscope of things.

Three albums you wouldn’t be the same person without?
Fiona Apple – “Tidal“, Alanis Morissette – “Jagged Little Pill“, and Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”