It is ‘No Secret’ these guys are ready for a musical revolution. The official press release for this video speaks for itself:

For the past 10 years, we’ve had to settle with the constantly declining state of the radio and music industry. Not for much longer. From the front seat of NYC comes a silver lining, in the form of an enigmatic producer, with the enlisted vocal talent of a street busker, who spends his days performing in the city’s subways. We’ve had to put up with overcrunched, overprocessed and overproduced musical “talent” for far too long. Because of a handful of major players in collusion with each other, it is virtually impossible to break into the radio game these days without courting a bottom feeder up. But we don’t give a shit, because this is about our definition of good music. House music. This is what we call 2011, rhythmic, forward-thinking pop. Quit fooling yourself, people… are you really satisfied with ordinary pop music they design for you to like? Occupy Wall Street? Occupy Top 40 instead…

Available at iTunes, BeatPort, Amazon.

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