This song has been on heavy rotation on my end. Take a listen to the first official single off Lights‘ new album Siberia due out October 4th. Tracklist after the jump. Purchase ‘Toes’ on iTunes.

Siberia (iTunes Deluxe Version) Tracklist
1. Siberia
2. Where the Fence Is Low
3. Toes
4. Banner
5. Everybody Breaks a Glass
6. Heavy Rope
7, Timing Is Everything
8. Peace Sign
9. Cactus in the Valley
10. Suspension
11. Flux and Flow
12. Fourth Dimension
13. …And Counting
14. Day One
15. Frame and Focus
16. Cactus in the Valley (Acoustic)
17. Toes Video
18. Toes (Nightbox Remix) [Pre-Order Only]