Madeleine Peyroux has released her new album, Standing On The Rooftop.
Peyroux wrote most of the tracks herself, but recruited several well-known musicians for the album including bassist Me’Shell Ndegéocello, guitarist Chris Bruce, guitar iconoclast Marc Ribot, and drummer Charely Drayton. Peyroux’s previous album was 2004’s Careless Love. Track listing and a quote from Madeline on Standing On The Rooftop after the jump. Listen to ‘The Things I’ve Seen Today,’ below.

“I have been building on the relationships I developed in co-writing, and something new has taken hold of me,” Peyroux says. “This project is meant to be a wider dreamscape than previous recordings. I’m interested in exploring tougher sounds, even ugly sounds… trying to find something more raw than the voice that I have now, and in the accompaniment that I have become used to.”

Standing On The Rooftop‘ Track Listing
1. Martha, My Dear
2. The Kind You Can’t Afford
3. The Things I’ve Seen Today
4. Fickle Dove
5. Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love
6. Standing On The Rooftop
7. I Threw It All Away
8. Love In Vain
9. Don’t Pick A Fight With A Poet
10. Meet Me In Rio
11. Ophelia
12. The Way Of All Things