Cloud services allow users to upload their music files and stream/download them from any location. Amazon has launched their Cloud Player service, and Google’s recently went into invitation based beta testing. Apple has yet to launch it’s version of cloud storage and streaming, but CNet reports that record labels are eagerly awaiting the launch.

“… The services offered by Amazon and Google are not all that they can be because those companies had to tippy-toe around copyright issues. Since neither company was either able or willing to obtain licenses from the four major labels, neither of them could deliver the same range of options that Apple will be able to offer with its upcoming cloud service, according to multiple music industry sources.

Exactly what those options are, the sources wouldn’t say. Nonetheless, the hope in the music industry is that Apple’s music service will make the competing offerings look shabby by comparison and force Amazon and Google to pay the licensing rates the labels are asking.”

Source: CNet