Kate Bush, who has not performed live since 1979, has released Director’s Cut, an entirely new project rather than a collection of mere remixes, Bush explained in an interview with the BBC. Director’s Cut contains 11 tracks of reworked material from her earlier albums The Sensual World and The Red Shoes, all of which have been recorded using analogue, rather than digital, equipment to create “a warmer and fuller” sound.

All the tracks have new vocals and drums, as well as substantially reworked instrumentation. Most of them have been transposed to a lower key to accomodate her lowering voice. Three of the songs, including ‘This Woman’s Work‘ (covered by Maxwell) have been completely re-recorded, with lyrics often changed in places. This will be Bush’s first release since 2005’s Ariel. In the interview she shares that she is halfway through with writing material for a completely new album. Tracking listing after the jump. Listen to ‘This Woman’s Work,’ below.


Director’s Cut Track Listing
1. Flower Of The Mountain (previously The Sensual World)
2. Song Of Solomon
3. Lily
4. Deeper Understanding
5. The Red Shoes
6. This Woman’s Work
7. Moments Of Pleasure
8. Never Be Mine
9. Top Of The City
10. And So Is Love
11. Rubberband Girl

Source: BBC