Death Cab for Cutie has released their new album, Codes and Keys. The album is available on MP3, CD, and Vinyl. Their previous album was 2008’s Narrow Stairs. My favorite track of theirs is ‘Title & Registration‘ off 2003’s Transatlanticism.

The Amazon digital version of Codes and Keys comes with 2 bonus demos, You Are A Tourist video, and digital booklet. Watch the video for their lead single ‘You Are A Tourist’ and review the tracklist after the jump.

Codes and Keys (Deluxe) Tracklist
1. Home Is A Fire
2. Codes And Keys
3. Some Boys
4. Doors Unlocked And Open
5. You Are A Tourist
6. Unobstructed Views
7. Monday Morning
8. Portable Television
9. Underneath The Sycamore
10. St. Peter’s Cathedral
11. Stay Young, Go Dancing
12. Portable Television (Demo Version)
13. Some Boys (Demo Version)
Video: You Are A Tourist
Digital Booklet: Codes and Keys (Deluxe)